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What an exquisite collection of portraits. There's. such masterful detail in each. Reminiscent of the style of Klimt, yet totally fresh. These women could be friends from our travels, intriguing ladies we would like to get to know better.
-- Karin Thompson, 10/10/20

'Sojourner' has captured my attention in a new way. A great deal of mystery and speculation to be enjoyed! In the Portraits and Figures category, by Dawn McLaughlin.
-- Karin Thompson, 8/2/19

-- Cecileflanery@gmail.Com, 8/25/17

Beautiful works, Dawn! I'm looking forward to seeing you at your local art show next week.
-- Karin Thompson, 4/14/16

Dawn, It's wonderful to see the beautiful drawings that you do. Such vibrant colors! You and your work are just beautiful!!!
-- Mary Ellen Burns, 4/13/15

Hi, I am a fellow zhibitor. Love the brilliant colors! Great work!
-- Mark Kertzman, 2/22/14

I am about to run out of all the beautiful cards you gave us on the shore during our visit to New Jersey. Will order some soon.
-- Wendell Alderson, 7/28/12

LOVE YOUR WORK and Love YOU!!!!!
-- Chriss Murphy, 2/23/11

Nice stuff! I especially liked the interior w/gold planter, clock and vines, Buddha sacred space & Tar beach, good luck!
-- David Knapp, 2/5/11

I enjoyed talking to you at TraillWorks last night, decided to check out your what you have been doing! Your subject matter is similar to what I am drawn to a lot in my own work.
-- Corrie Guddemi, 10/10/10

Interesting work and lovely color schemes.
-- Geralyn D. Hauswirth, 1/31/10

Carey WaterworthHi, linked to you from the comment section in Zhibit regarding networking. Like your work!
-- Carey Waterworth, 7/21/09

Didn't know I had such a talented friend !
-- Doug Squire, 7/14/09

Tramel FainI enjoyed looking at the Note cards
-- Tramel Fain, 7/1/09

Felice CiprianiDawn,so colourful so diverse so enjoyable that is your work . Prolific yet not rushed fabulous work and a professional website ....I'm Jealous and thanks for the forum yes Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 6/25/09

Dawn, thanks so much for taking the time to write your nice note. I like your note cards and your rich colors. I wish you all the best.
-- Sahar Bashi, 6/14/09

ClaycreationsworldDawn, love your work, very unique art pieces, I will let all my friends know about your work, goodluck, Mabinty C.
-- Claycreationsworld, 6/10/09

Would love to be included on the mailing list
-- Liz Meaadows, 4/10/09

I always loved the richness of your work. Collage seems to enhance it even further. I am still taken with the bookmarks. Can't wait to see future works.
-- Thea, 4/2/09

Dawn, I've just browsed though your Art Prints selection! They are stunning! I'll be sure to pass along to my friends!
-- Eileen Nix, 3/18/09

Fine art portraiture, figurative, collage, assemblage, drawings, 
prints and note cards by Dawn McLaughlin.