I have an abiding love of drawing and it is through drawing that my personal expression best reveals itself. Charcoal, pastel, and graphite are my preferred mediums. Since I am particularly captivated by the power of the portrait to evoke and communicate the human condition, faces and figures are the primary focus of my work. 

Through an ongoing series of charcoal drawings based on old family photographs I am exploring themes of transience, loss, and the passage of time within the context of human relationships and interconnectedness. In this series my continuing goal is to create an atmosphere of mystery and to convey a haunting sense of the elusiveness of time and the ephemeral nature of existence.


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hey dawn... we're in the jerney group together... came to peek... u are pretty darn amazing! espec impressed w. the tea-bag art as i know how small they are! lvely to see your creations! 
-- Luci Claire, 5/15/22

Portrait and figurative art, mixed media art, collage, assemblage, drawing, sculpture, giclee prints, book art, note cards… 

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