"Art is nature seen through a temperament”  (Emile Zola)

I am a self taught multi-media/mixed media artist working in collage, assemblage, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Although often mixed-media obsessed, I have an abiding love of drawing, and it is through drawing that my personal expression best reveals itself. Charcoal, pastel, and graphite are my preferred mediums. Since I am particularly captivated by the power of the portrait to evoke and communicate the human condition, faces and figures are the primary focus of my work.  ~Dawn McLaughlin


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hey dawn... we're in the jerney group together... came to peek... u are pretty darn amazing! espec impressed w. the tea-bag art as i know how small they are! lvely to see your creations! 
-- Luci Claire, 5/15/22

Portrait and figurative art, mixed media art, collage, assemblage, drawing, sculpture, giclee prints, book art, note cards… 

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